General Sir Andrew Gregory Portrait by Simon Taylor

The portrait you have produced of me is fantastic and both myself and my wife are thrilled by your skill and work and, truth be known, rather humbled by the whole experience. It is a great honour to have such an undertaking performed by you and the result is just superb; I hope you are as pleased with it as we are. I'm sorry you have had to spend so lomng staring at my face - you'll know me better than I do myself!
But thank you, because you've done me a great honour and what you have delivered is exceptional. Well done!
General Sir Andrew Gregory, Master Gunner St James' Park

Eric & Maureen Portrait by Simon Taylor

To commission a portrait can be both intimidating and exciting. Intimidating in terms of the artistic and technical competence of the artist plus the requirements of the actual sitting but exciting as one looks forward to the result. Has the artist caught the character of the sitter and the mood of the occasion and what about the technical quality of the painting?
Our fears were quickly dispelled when we met Simon. He visited our home and arranged the setting, lighting and incorporated some personal items. Great attention was paid to detail and we felt he was 'tuning in' to us and our home. When satisfied, he used natural lighting and camera to capture his artistic sense of the occasion.
The unveiling of the finished portraits was exciting and we felt it was definitely 'us' and all have seen it say, "It really is you two". We are delighted with the result.
Eric Parrish, Lord of Burghurst

Bishop Peter Doyle Portrait by Simon Taylor

I would like to thank you most sincerely for all your attention and hard work in producing the Bishop’s portrait. All have seen it so far are impressed with its likeness to Bishop Peter. It captures his warmth and also some of the sternness needed in a bishop! Most importantly, Bishop Peter himself is delighted with it and that in itself bears witness to your hard work and artistic skills. I hope we will have opportunities to work together in the future.
With every best wish,
Mgr Provost Séan Healy

Becs Portrait by Simon Taylor

From the first contact to seeing the framed work Simon was charming to deal with and the whole process was stress free; in the end though it's about the picture and we were both delighted with the work. It has the warmth and depth that I was looking for, something that a photo cannot give. Thanks Simon
Jonathan Pearce

Georgie Portrait by Simon Taylor

Thanks so much for dropping off the portraits - they look beautiful framed and we're very happy with them. Now we have to find the right wall for them!
Elizabeth Tatham

Kitchen Contemporary Painting by Simon Taylor

I first met Simon in 1994 when I was working as Director of Sponsorship and Marketing Services for the Williams Formula 1 Team. He first approached me regarding his motorsport art at the Silverstone Grand Prix and we soon established a close working and personal relationship. In the late 1990’s we sold a number of his original paintings to Asprey, then sponsors of the Ferrari Formula 1 Team. I also benefited from Simon producing a number of commissions for my growing Richard West Associates client list. My wife and I sometimes refer to our home as ‘the Simon Taylor Gallery’ as we have a growing number of his originals on display.
I would not hesitate to recommend Simon to anyone wishing to work with a true professional.
Richard West

Karting Painting by Simon Taylor

I have been representing Simon and obtaining commissions for his wonderful artwork for 15 years in the corporate market in Finland (companies & indiviuals involved in motorsport in particular). His portrait work is of the highest quality and he has the uncanny ability to capture something more than just the likeness of his subject. His work has always been well received by my clients and he is a pleasure to deal with.
Mauri Nurmi

Ayrton Senna Drawing by Simon Taylor

Simon is more talented than he knows. Frank Williams was always fascinated by Ayrton - the whole persona not just the racing driver - so when I saw Simon's drawing, which completely captures Ayrton, it seemed the ideal gift.
Sheridan Thynne.

Oliver Portrait Drawing by Simon Taylor

I have purchased a painting and two drawings from Simon over the past couple of years. His work is outstanding, he really captures the essence of what he is drawing and painting. His work exceeds expectations and I am proud to own three pieces of his work. I would recommend him to anyone who wants exceptional work.
Jayne Davis

Jane Portrait by Simon Taylor

I would like to let you know just how thrilled I am with the lovely portrait you have done. You should also know how well received it has been with the other members of the family. It was a very special present for me to receive from John and a huge thank you for all your care and patience and the wonderful result.
Jane Delafield

Hattie Portrait by Simon Taylor

We absolutely love the picture - you have managed to capture her perfectly - thank you so much.
Camilla Stephenson