• Official Portrait of the Bishop of Northampton by Simon Taylor
  • Portrait of Lord and Lady of Burghurst by Simon Taylor
  • Portrait of Chris by Simon Taylor
  • Simon's father Portrait by Simon Taylor
  • Chloe and Ellie Portrait by Simon Taylor

Portraits on Canvas by Simon Taylor

Portraits on canvas make the perfect very special gift. A portrait on canvas makes a great centre piece for a room, and captures the subjects likeness and personality at a particular moment in time in perpetuity. I can paint portraits on canvas from modest to large formats, and in a informal or formal way, and with as much detail as desired.

Why commission a portrait on canvas?

A commissioned portrait on canvas becomes a much treasured possession of great personal value which stands the test of time and will last for generations. Portraits on canvas, historically, were painted to denote status, power and wealth. This is certainly still true for institutional works, although tradition, history and heritage are very significant factors. Most of my private commissioned works are to record a person at a particular point in their life, child-hood, a significant age, an achievement or academic qualification, or an event such as marriage. Some commissions are commemorative works of loved ones who have passed away.

For more information, please click commissioning or contact me for an informal chat on 01691 839097, or message me.

I'm based near Ostwestry, Shropshire but am willing to travel anywhere if required.