Portrait Drawings by Simon Taylor for Oriel College, Oxford

Pencil drawn portraits of fellows commissioned by Oriel College to hang on the walls of their Senior Common Room.

Christopher Seton-Watson

Christopher Seton-Watson Portrait by Simon Taylor

Dr Ben Ronald Brown

Dr Ben Ronald Brown Portrait by Simon Taylor

Dr Charles Keith Prout

Dr Charles Keith Prout Portrait by Simon Taylor

Provost's Lodgings Oriel College, Oxford watercolour by Simon Taylor

Provost's Lodgings Oriel College, Oxford

Commissioned by Oriel as a retirement gift for Sir Derek Morris.

Drawing by Simon Taylor for Trinity College, Oxford

Malcolm Nolan Portrait by Simon Taylor

Malcom Nolan

This is a drawing using black and white chalk on buff coloured paper. Malcolm Nolan worked as a scout for 48 years at Trinity, and the portrait was commissioned in special recognition of his service to the college.

Mary Turpin Portrait by Simon Taylor

Mary Turpin

A watercolour portrait commissioned by Oriel College, Oxford approximately A3 in size. This was a very challenging portrait to produce from a very small photo. It took quite some time and a number of preparatory studies to produce this finished work.